Our mini-Yehliu Park and the Elephant Trunk Rock


Do you remember our adventure in Yehliu Park? Where we would walk in between the rocks after a pretty drive? And where it started raining as we entered the park? Indeed, we didn’t get to see a lot of Yehliu Park.

This weekend, we discovered something alike. Our plan was to visit Shen’ao Elephant Trunk Rock. This is a cave, or more a big rock that rises out of the sea and looks like an elephant. For real! 🐘

When we arrived at the tiny coastal village northeast of Taipei, we noticed a lot of people. It was a holiday weekend in Taiwan because of the Mid-Autumn Festival, so a lot of people were visiting their families. We had no idea if attractions like these would be more crowded than on a regular weekend. In this case, it was a yes.

We had to walk past a very pretty port that was a bit mysterious because of the sunset playing with the mist.


A bit further, we reached the beach which was in fact a rocky beach. You could see the beautiful shapes everywhere formed by sea erosion.


After a short walk, you can ‘climb’ up the hill. The first thing we saw were tourists. But like, a lot of them! But the view was nice, so it was worth it.


The Elephant Trunk Rock mad us think about an elephant. Yes, my imagination matched the Taiwanese! To be sure I sent some pictures home to check if they could see it too and they did! We had to wait a while to take the perfect picture without anybody else in the viewvinder, but we did it! Go check it out yourself, do you see an elephant?


On the other side of the rock there was another interesting landscape. The landscape looked like the lunar surface. On the other hand, I had to think about Yehliu Park, where we didn’t get the chance to walk in between the ‘mushrooms’. They were a lot smaller than in Yehliu, but it’s better than seeing nothing, I guess? 🤷🏼‍♀️


There was almost nobody compared to the mass looking at the Elephant Rock, so we decided to play a little game. We didn’t have our tripod with us, but we put the camera on a rock and used timer on my camera: let the game begin! We had a good laugh and so we had our own adventure in our mini-Yehliu Park!


Was it fun? For sure! There were a lot of rocks waiting to get a name. We didn’t find any Queen’s head, but there were enough other options. If it is possible, try to plan your visit on a weekday during the afternoon. It is not that crowded and the lighting when the sun is setting is just perfect.

See you!


Op uitstap: een mini-Yehliu Park voor ons alleen en de Elephant Trunk Rock


Remember ons avontuur in Yehliu Park? Waar we na een mooie rit eindelijk tussen de speciale rotsformaties zouden wandelen? En waar het nét toen keihard begon te regenen? Juist ja, we hebben er helaas niet veel van gezien.

Wel, dit weekend ontdekten we iets gelijkaardigs! Het plan was om de Shen’ao Elephant Trunk Rock te bezoeken. Dit is een rotsformatie die in de zee loopt en in dit geval écht op een olifant lijkt. (Denk aan de Elephant Mountain Trail, welke Olifant?🐘)  Benieuwd of je er ook een olifant in ziet? Ontdek het snel!